1. Honestly my mam is the most annoying person I fucking know. she tells me I never talk about my problems to her and when I do she screams in my face calling me different names. She was screaming at me for playing guitar for the first time in 2 days because I wasn’t studying! I spent 2 full days studying and not touching a guitar. I’m recording my EP this weekend and she won’t even let me practice. If I don’t get anywhere and get kicked out of my band she is the main cause and I’ll never forgive her.


  2. just one of those days where i wish someone would just shoot me in the face


  4. how to make someone feel like shit, step 1: ignore them


  5. I wish I just went out this morning just so I wouldn’t have to deal with every asshole today. fuck you all.


  6. why does everyone want to piss me off today

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